A lot of questions we receive over here at Daddy Pig Smoke Juice are to do with “Does your juice contain X” and I can see why – vaping is in no small part about harm reduction and being informed, and with that in mind, the ingredients for each juice we sell is going to be listed in the product description. A few of the juices have been updated already and the rest will be finished over the weekend (fingers crossed) so hopefully if there are any concerns over what you’re buying, this will help address them.

While the juice at Daddy Pig Smoke Juice has not underwent any independent lab testing, the details of each component are (to the best of my knowledge) available in the public domain, so if there is a flavour you need to know more about or have questions about, the ingredients will be listed and the information is an internet search away.

As a vaper, it’s something I’d like to see and hopefully it’ll be useful. Lab tests have fallen under some scrutiny in the last little while. Those results are something we’d love to have, but as much as the lab stamp of approval gives me confidence, lack of standardised testing and variations in lab test results of the same eliquids don’t. With that in mind, if you check the ‘What’s In It’ tab of each product, you’ll find a full list of what’s in your juice and if there’s a component you have concerns about, you’ll be able to research it quickly and hopefully use that information to make a decision about whether it’s something you are happy to vape.

The exact percentages are NOT listed (a boy’s gotta have some secrets!), but I want to be as open as possible with you about what’s in the juice. Anything that is in the juice will be in the ‘What’s In It’ tab. I hope it’s useful to you, and if there’s anything not answered here, please, let me know and I’ll reply as soon as humanly possible.


Happy vaping!


UPDATE: All the juices should now have a full list of ingredients available – if there’s anything missing or anything you’re curious, leave a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂