Terms & Conditions

If you aren’t 18 years of age or older, you can’t buy anything from this site.

By placing an order you confirm you are 18 years of age or older. If Daddy Pig Smoke Juice becomes aware of an order placed by a minor (any person under 18 years old) on this site or an order placed on behalf of a minor, that order will be cancelled. Daddy Pig reserves the right to save your address and payment to send your parents a strongly worded letter if you do.


All patrons are assumed to be aware of e-liquid, nicotine, it’s effects, intended uses and application. Daddy Pig Smoke Juice assumes no responsibility for misuse of the products or adverse affects arising from use of said products.


If you are ordering juice that contains nicotine, be aware that NICOTINE IS A POISON. Some people can be sensitive to PG, VG or nicotine. For the people who produce eliquid and handle nicotine at high concentrations, complications from transdermal contact have been known. Spilling a little ejuice on your fingers is unlikely to make a difference to your day, but some people are more reactive to those things than others. Daddy Pig’s Smoke Juice is intentionally manufactured at a low nicotine level to avoid any adverse affects as best he can (it’s all about that flavour after all), but Daddy Pig still wears protective gloves when he’s making it for you. Better safe than sorry.


The bottles supplied are childproof and will not unscrew without some downward pressure as with most childproof caps, but just to be clear – KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. We can argue the bit out about other harmful items in a household that look appealing to a child, the argument has been done to death, but for now we’re only talking about this one. It can be dangerous if misused and more so if you are small. Keep your wee ones safe and treat this like you treat booze, bleach and your good painkillers – not for kids, not around kids and always out of harm’s way.