So I came across the image above today on Facebook




This is dangerous – someone’s child will end up in trouble because of this, and I’ll explain why


A lot of commenters on this Facebook thread pointed out that adults like the same sweet flavours and brands that children enjoy, therefore there is no problem with this packaging. I don’t disagree with the former, I like them too. It’s true that a lot of e-liquid flavours are designed to resemble sweet treats – it’s half the enjoyment of vaping over smoking, the choice in flavour while staying off the smokes.

A lot of the commenters mentioned that these products aren’t for sale to children, have warning labels, childproof caps, parental responsibilty, etc to make them unavailable or unaccessible to children, and they are all fair points too, but they miss the main one:


The issue with the packaging isn’t ‘advertising’ to kids, it’s ‘being attractive’ to kids


It’s to do with responsibility. You know that your vape gear should be out of reach of little hands. You know the potential dangers of nicotine, especially if you’re small. You know that it’s the parents / vendors / guardians responsibilty to make sure that these adult items aren’t available to a curious young person, but imagine if they were.

Imagine a bottle of 36mg e-liquid with a Skittles wrapper around it falls out of a pocket, or is left on a low counter top, or just goes missing somehow and is discovered by one of your wee ones, or anyone’s wee ones. Imagine that you are 4 years old and a big fan of Ribena (who isn’t?), then find a little bottle with a loose cap on the floor with a Ribena wrapper around it. What do you do?

Ignoring for a moment the bizarre logic that a child will somehow read the warning label of an e-liquid bottle should they find it in their possession, the problem is that this packaging doesn’t take into account how inquisitive and gung-ho young children can be. If you’ve ever been around a small child at any point while they try some new food or drink, you’ll know that they rarely go in tentatively – they are more likely to drain half a glass of tomato juice before screwing up their face and it registers with them that they really don’t like it than say “No thank you” beforehand. You can see the small expression change as they continue to chug the offending new food/drink. There is no caution with a child, and that’s the problem – even if it tasted bad (which might be discovered too late)


 why would they be cautious if it was wrapped in the branding of something they already know and enjoy?


If you think I’m being over the top, I’m not. It has happened before, and it should never happen again. Marketing is one thing – I get the need to appeal to a potential customer, but creating a near duplicate logo of an existing sweet treat that is marketed to appeal to children for an item that contains potentially fatal contents for a minor is irresponsible and unforgivable. Vaping products are for adults and should be marketed to adults. The potential will be devastating for some family somewhere, so please, as a responsible vaper:


Don’t accept it


rant over.. 🙁



Among the chief concerns is that many e-cigarette refills are marketed in a very similar way to fruit juices and sweets, inadvertently making them attractive to children

The Independent, 2014