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Rich Roast Tobacco

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Coffee Tobacco eliquid

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Back when I was a smoker, one of my little pleasures in life was a nice cup of coffee and a fag. Didn’t always have to be a nice cup of coffee or a nice fag, but when it was a ‘proper’ coffee and some good tobacco, it was one of those little contented moments for me in which I always thought “ahhh… this is nice”.

I’ve never smoked a pipe, but when I get the scent of one, that deep aroma, that wispy blue finger of smoke creeping its way towards your olfactories, it’s hard not to feel *something* when it arrives with you. This juice is a little bit dark bean coffee, a little bitter but it mellows along with that deep combination of tobaccos. There are hints (and I say ‘hints’) of chocolate, cream and vanilla, but the main notes here is that tobacco base and the dark roast coffee. The ‘proper’ kind.

How many nic shots do I need?

It depends what nicotine percentage you’d like. The table below shows how many you’ll need per short fill bottle option and how much space is left per bottle to allow you to add your nic shots:

3mg 6mg
2 x 30ml shortfill 1 nic shot (5ml) 2 nic shots(10ml)
120ml shortfill 2 nic shots (20ml) 4 nic shots (40ml)


And if you have your own nicotine shots and would rather use those, just select ‘Zero’ from the drop down (but be sure to select the required ‘Target nic %’ option so your order will have the correct amount of space per bottle to add your own shots)

10ml, 30ml and 100ml bottles are all Zero Nic


Recommended steep time: 1 week

What is Steeping..?

Juice for your vape can take a while to get as good as it needs to be. There are only a few ingredients in there, but the separate components may need some time to combine and really shine. Some people compare it to keeping a wine in the cellar.

Daddy Pig Smoke Juice mixes these for you fresh and while we do everything possible to make sure they are ready to go when you receive them, some flavours take a little longer to get to their best. If you can be patient with it, it’ll be at it’s best for you in a few days (I know, I hate waiting too, but it’s worth the wait!)

Additional information

Childproof cap


Bottle size

120ml Short fill, 30ml

PG / VG ratio

30 / 70, 50 / 50, Max VG

Target nic %

3mg, 6mg, Zero nic

Add Nic Shots?


2 reviews for Rich Roast Tobacco

  1. Rich

    I have to admit, this one is a bit of a ‘grower’. Really wasn’t sure at first as the coffee seemed to be quite bitter tasting (I’m a milky coffee kind of guy, so its probably a subjective personal taste thing).

    However, you really need to give this juice at least 2 weeks steeping – it makes a huge difference. It seems to have mellowed a lot over the course of the last few days and become much more balanced. The tobacco is the background flavour but it does tend to compliment the rich coffee taste really well. The original bitterness has certainly become more far more creamy after a bit of patience…don’t go in too early!

    If you’re looking for a ‘savoury’ style vape, then this hits the spot pretty well.

  2. trexanir

    Let me start off by saying that i’m not into tobacco flavours and that taste is subjective but this has been quite the surprise.

    On the smell the toasted notes emerge and trumph the others, except maybe for a hint of tobacco at the end. But smell is not everything.

    After letting it steep for 3 days (the shipping time) it was ready for the test and I must say it was a really pleasant surprise.
    On the inhale a rich, warm and well balanced toasted tobacco, while on the exhale hints of dried fruits.
    After some more time with it the complexity of the juice started showing with hints of toasted almonds and non-sugared cappuccino.

    All in all a pretty complex flavour and something I’d say a new vaper or tobacco lover would really enjoy !

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