Peanut butter RY4 eliquid

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Product Description

Peanut butter and mild tobacco, who knew. It sounds bizarre, but it’s anything but – Pratik, you were right – it was a good idea! It’s got that roasted, toasted quality that scratches that tobacco itch and it has that thick nutty sweetness that pairs itself so well with something a little more savoury.

You may not notice, but there’s a little raspberry and a little vanilla in here too – they don’t dominate the flavour (in fact, I reckon you’d be hard pressed to pick them out), but they round out this flavour and give it a satisfying fullness that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s not the deep tobacco flavour for tobacco afficionados kind of flavour (no flue-cured cuban-reserve mild-shag dark-perique here), but if you like the idea of a light sweet RY4 with a mild toasted peanut note, this just might be your new favourite

Default PG/VG is 50/50

Recommended steep time: 1 week

What is Steeping..?

Juice for your vape can take a while to get as good as it needs to be. There are only a few ingredients in there, but the separate components may need some time to combine and really shine. Some people compare it to keeping a wine in the cellar.

Daddy Pig Smoke Juice mixes these for you fresh and while we do everything possible to make sure they are ready to go when you receive them, some flavours take a little longer to get to their best. If you can be patient with it, it’ll be at it’s best for you in a few days (I know, I hate waiting too, but it’s worth the wait!)

Additional Information

Childproof cap


PG / VG ratio

30 / 70, 50 / 50, 65 / 35

Steep Time:

Recommended: 1 week

Bottle size

10ml, 30ml, 100ml

What's In It?

TFA RY4 Double
Capella Peanut Butter
Capella Raspberry
INW Shisha Vanilla
TFA Toasted Marshmallow
FA Vienna Cream
Acetyl Pyrazine



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