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Lemon Meringue Pie

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Lemon meringue e-liquid


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Mmm…. mmMMMMmmm… Lemon Meringue Pie, it’s so very tasty.

There’s zesty lemon in here, not so much that you pucker up into your ‘kiss for granny’ face, but it’s there and it’s light and it lifts this right up into something special.

Sweet creamy meringue on top and crumbly pie crust at the bottom. My neighbours have been after this one, I must learn to keep my windows closed when I vape.


How many nic shots do I need?

It depends what nicotine percentage you’d like. The table below shows how many you’ll need per short fill bottle option and how much space is left per bottle to allow you to add your nic shots:

3mg 6mg
60ml shortfill 1 nic shot 2 nic shots
120ml shortfill 2 nic shots 4 nic shots


And if you have your own nicotine shots and would rather use those, just select ‘No’ from the drop down (but be sure to select the required ‘Target nic %’ option so your order will have the correct amount of space per bottle to add your own shots)

30ml bottles are all Zero Nic


Steep time: give it a week if you can

What is Steeping..?

Juice for your vape can take a while to get as good as it needs to be. There are only a few ingredients in there, but the separate components may need some time to combine and really shine. Some people compare it to keeping a wine in the cellar.

Daddy Pig Smoke Juice mixes these for you fresh and while we do everything possible to make sure they are ready to go when you receive them, some flavours take a little longer to get to their best. If you can be patient with it, it’ll be at it’s best for you in a few days (I know, I hate waiting too, but it’s worth the wait!)

Additional information

Childproof cap


Bottle size

120ml Short fill, 60ml Short fill

PG / VG ratio

30 / 70, 50 / 50, Max VG

Target nic %

3mg, 6mg, Zero nic

Add Nic Shots?

No, Yes

19 reviews for Lemon Meringue Pie

  1. Dan + Pimbo flavour tasters

    Woa man brilliant this is fluid is!
    Flavour is apsaloutley on the T!
    It’s just exactly like it says on the bottle really mellow lemon flavour with the meringue just coming in to smoothen it all off! Another excellent vape really good thick clouds. Brilliant flavour will certainly be in my top 10

  2. Alan (verified owner)

    First order with Daddy Pig and most certainly will not be my last.I have,for the last year,been vaping the same type of juice that I originally got with my starter kit in the belief that juice is juice.Daddy Pig has shown me the light!! Ordered a small variety of flavours which arrived promptly and well packaged.Bonus bottle of Smokey Banana bread a very pleasant and appreciated gift.My first dip into Daddy Pig’s trough is lemon meringue pie.I never realised how smooth,velvety and tasty a juice could be.It is lemon meringue pie.My other flavours are steeping at the moment while I demolish

  3. Alan (verified owner)

    this big fat juicy pie.Roll on my next dip in the trough- Dragonberry. Oink Oink Big Man.

  4. David Parrott (verified owner)

    This is incredible.

    As my wife said, this juice is everything that she doesn’t like about lemon meringue pie. This is unfortunately because she doesn’t like lemon meringue pie.

    It is however everything I *do* like about lemon meringue pie. The lemon is there, the meringue is there, the pie is there.

    Incredible juice, full 5 stars.

  5. Colin (verified owner)

    This is as good quality as any USA artisan juice. Tastes exactly like it says.
    Daddy pig your a master mixologist.

  6. Julie (verified owner)

    I’m loving lemon meringue lemony creamy with rich pastry an lots of cloud I love it ?

  7. johnnyreggae1 (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome Nathan! Your lemon meringue without doubt the best out there & believe me in my 2 years of vaping i’ve certainly tried a few. Price wise Daddy Pig Smoke Juice has to be one of the cheapest out there & their p & p is very reasonable too. Keep up the good work.

  8. Stuart (verified owner)

    This stuff is on another level!! Its absolutely incredible. I’ve never tasted anything that comes close to this! It’s highly addictive 🙂 Steeped it for near a week and couldn’t wait any longer. The smell, the taste! Rich creamy lemon and the biscuit finish is just too good! The customer service from these guys is also incredible.

  9. Joseph (verified owner)

    An after dinner treat you don’t deserve.

  10. Ian (verified owner)

    What a fantastic smell and taste, Nathan has it spot-on with this liquid!, bought 30ml and it`s going faster than Lewis Hamilton on a good day, wonderful authentic smooth lemon with just enough biscuit and meringue, took me back to my mom`s homemade lemon meringue pie from years ago, so good just had to place another order for the 100ml bottle, just brilliant!.

  11. Sophie (verified owner)

    This was probably one of the first juices where I thought this is exactly what it says on the bottle. When you smell it it smells exactly like when you get a lemon meringue pie out, and guess what… that’s exactly how it tastes! you can taste the kind of pastry side but there is definitely that lush lemon flavor with meringue I would definitely recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good lemon Meringue Pie.

  12. DanielleJury1997

    Amazing juice! Taste just like the real thing 🙂 I thought the lemon was going to be very overpowering but it was perfect with a very biscuity base coming through on the exhale! Would recommend 🙂

  13. Hitbear (verified owner)

    Ohhh thats nice.

  14. Laura (verified owner)

    It’s lemon meringue pie all right!

    Smooth creamy lemonyness sweet fluffy meringue a touch of buttery biscuit goodness – damn this is good, none of the harshness that even dessert citrus flavours often have.


  15. Luke J (verified owner)

    This juice is delicious! Creamy and smooth with subtle cakey flavours that carry the lemon perfectly. The lemon isn’t too strong or too weak like some other juices. Add this to my weekly order Nathan mate. You truly are an artist with the juices.

  16. Julie (verified owner)

    I was tamping when daddy pig juices had to go to zero Nic juice tried many many others only to be disappointed everytime?……and then here came the Nic shots ? I’m ecstatically happy lemon meringue pie up to my eyeballs absolutely gorgeous ?

  17. Maciej864 (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked it once and it was nice but nothing special. I’ve orded it to try it again and let it step a week and it simply spectacular.

  18. viktorlogi

    A true to life lemon meringue. Absolutely blows Dinner Lady’s famous Lemon Tart out of the water. This will definitely be in my regular rotation from now on.

  19. Audronius

    Insanely good!

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