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Jammy Raspberry Doughnut

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Raspberry jam doughnut e-liquid


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Why do they come in bags of five? It’s like they’re encouraging you to pig out. Unless you’re supposed to share them or something, who knows…

Light sugary dough with the flecks of sugar that gets on your lips then the big chomp that gets into the centre, a face full of sticky jammy conserve.

This is like taking a big bite right out of the middle and getting a mouthful of that sweet, sticky raspberry jam. It’s all about the jam, that’s the best bit, isn’t it?


How many nic shots do I need?

It depends what nicotine percentage you’d like. The table below shows how many you’ll need per short fill bottle option and how much space is left per bottle to allow you to add your nic shots:

3mg 6mg
60ml shortfill 1 nic shot 2 nic shots
120ml shortfill 2 nic shots 4 nic shots


And if you have your own nicotine shots and would rather use those, just select ‘No’ from the drop down (but be sure to select the required ‘Target nic %’ option so your order will have the correct amount of space per bottle to add your own shots)

30ml bottles are all Zero Nic


Steep time: give it a week if you can

What is Steeping..?

Juice for your vape can take a while to get as good as it needs to be. There are only a few ingredients in there, but the separate components may need some time to combine and really shine. Some people compare it to keeping a wine in the cellar.

Daddy Pig Smoke Juice mixes these for you fresh and while we do everything possible to make sure they are ready to go when you receive them, some flavours take a little longer to get to their best. If you can be patient with it, it’ll be at it’s best for you in a few days (I know, I hate waiting too, but it’s worth the wait!)

Additional information

Childproof cap


Bottle size

120ml Short fill, 60ml Short fill

PG / VG ratio

30 / 70, 50 / 50, Max VG

Target nic %

3mg, 6mg, Zero nic

Add Nic Shots?

No, Yes

31 reviews for Jammy Raspberry Doughnut

  1. Conor Mahony (conor_mahony)

    Jammy Doughnut one is unreal, it has a sweet taste with an unbelievable smell to it. Been smoking it around a few people in work and think they are going to end up eating me lol. If you like a sweet taste with a kick ass smell that will quit anyone in the mood for Doughnuts this is the one. It’s a must try

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    Got to love this juice (if you like raspberry doughnuts) sweet & good. I would recommend and will be getting more that’s for sure. Great stuff.

  3. cloudcuckoo

    i won 30ml of this juice in a comp on POTV, and my god am i happy with it. i was already looking for a doughnut juice and this does not disappoint. on the in hale you get instant raspberry jam, not too sweet. i don’t like raspberry fruit vapes but this is VERY different, you can feel the jam in you mouth.

    On the exhale its pure bliss, you still get a little jam but you get gobs and gobs of doughnut complete with sugar, this is a solid juice and its going down fast. you dont need daft wattage to get the best from it. Mrs loves the smell too so thats a bonus.

    its just like biting into one of Greggs finest. grab some


  4. Dan (verified owner)

    Great juice, was skeptical that it would taste like an actual doughnut but I’m amazed it actually does. Right down to the sugar on the doughnut you can taste, very smooth vape aswell!

  5. Charlene (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this liquid it’s really true to taste! Nice and smooth too!! Great job!!

  6. Nick (verified owner)

    NOM NOM NOM this juice is delicious, I would probably eat more doughnuts if they tasted this good.

  7. David (verified owner)

    Utterly divine – my favourite ever eliquid. 🙂

  8. Nige (verified owner)

    If you don’t like jam doughnuts then move along, because you won’t like this juice.

    If you do like jam doughnuts (like any normal person), then do it… press buy now, I guarantee you’ll love this juice. It’s actually better than some jam doughnuts I’ve eaten.


  9. johnnyreggae1 (verified owner)

    Yummy bloomin’ yummy this juice is amazing! Great vape production, great tasting, great everything. At just £2.99 a bottle its an absolute bargain too. Next up for me is the Gingerbread Ice Cream, if its anywhere near as good as this & the lemon meringue then this chappy here is gonna be one very happy bunny!

  10. Charles (verified owner)

    This is lovely, actually tastes like taking a big bite out of a gooey fresh doughnut. I tend to change my flavours often, but vaped all of this without changing. Yum!

  11. Baly (verified owner)

    So good, just buy it. Seriously add to basket , when it arrives give it a week or a bit to steep. Then vape it and feel the corners of your mouth turn upwards to firm a big smile. great eliquid.

  12. Kate (verified owner)

    Delicious…………. So far one of my favorites. Tastes just like fresh, warm doughnuts………………. Nom nom nom!!

  13. Jane (verified owner)

    This is my favourite liquid so far – it perfectly captures that lovely fresh baked doughnut taste, sweet raspberry Jam then oozes onto your taste buds and I swear I can taste the sugar sprinkles popping sweetness to finish! A pure delight – all the taste without the calories and jam on your jumper!!

  14. HB1165 (verified owner)

    Bought a 10ml bottle of this after finding Daddy Pig by accident.
    Been looking for a raspberry doughnut for ages,everybody else seems to do custard,strawberry or chocolate,none of which I like.
    When it arrived,I knew I had to steep it for a week,but after 4 days I couldn’t wait longer,so filled a tank up and had a vape.
    Instantly I had a big grin on my face,thinking,this is what I’d been looking for,
    Finished the tank in 2 days and the bottle in 5.
    considering I have seven 3.5ml and 4.5ml tanks of different juice on the go all the time as I like to rotate vapes through the day,jammy doughnuts disappeared pretty quickly,
    Watching the last bit in the tank shrink I was already back on the site ordering a 30ml bottle.
    If you like raspberry doughnuts,you won’t be disappointed with this juice.
    This is spot on.

  15. Kelly (verified owner)

    Oh YUM! Just like biting into a fresh baked jammy doughnut! You can taste both flavours completely. I have dripped this and it is unreal dripped but good in a tank as well. You have to try it!!

  16. Tamsyn (verified owner)

    Happened upon Daddy Pig whilst mooching through some forums. Having a couple of little ones myself the name made me chuckle. Having read some reviews and being on the lookout for some decent juice at a good price, I thought I should give it a go. How glad I am that I did! This jammy doughnut juice is excellent and has become my go-to vape, especially with a cup of coffee after dinner, far less calories than the real thing but just as tasty.

  17. Elliot (verified owner)

    Got to admit, I wasn’t a fan of this at first. I’d left it to steep about 5 days. Then I left it for a couple of more days and tried it again. Crikey. This is lovely. I’m not sure how the aftertaste gets stronger/broader a couple of seconds after exhaling, but it feels like you’re actually taking a bite.

  18. Kristiyan

    This liquid its absolutely amazing. Very tasty as well will recommend to my friends . Thanks

  19. coxy (verified owner)

    im new to daddy pig 1st juice i tried was this and yes just yes beautiful flavor.i carnt really taste much donut but the flavor of raspberry is fantastic im sure ill be ordering more!!!

  20. Luke J (verified owner)

    Been vaping this for weeks, absolutely delicious stuff. I dare say one of the nicest juices I have ever tried. Like all of the juices here, it tastes exactly how you would imagine. You can just tell the flavorings are high quality. You never get a synthetic taste with any of the daddypigs juices. Top quality stuff.

  21. Kathryn Pirie (verified owner)

    Fabulous juice, never thought I’d like it as I don’t have a sweet tooth but I so do lol Ordering my next 30 ml bottle already.

  22. scott (verified owner)

    I had high expectations with this vape.Read reviews and ordered 100ml.So disappointed cannot taste doughnut flavour.Just a very unpleasant sweet taste.Changed my coil and tried different wattages to find sweet spot. Wanted a sweet bakery flavour.This almost tastes like a burnt coil..A lot of money to not enjoy.

  23. komatic (verified owner)

    This one is just amazingly good! The sweet raspberry jam hits you on the inhale and lingers all through the exhale. Also on the exhale you can taste the fresh baked glazed and sugary doughnut. One of my all time favourites.

  24. Richard (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing, I have been vaping for 3 years now and out of every e liquid I have bought this one the most. In a dripper, my limitless or the Avocado its amazing. Every time I make an order from DaddyPig its here within a day or two. Can’t get enough. If you can manage to steep it for a week or two its even better. Please never stop making this stuff!!

  25. Charlene (verified owner)

    Outstanding.. just received this as part of a few 10ml tester’s I purchased and haven’t even got round to trying the rest because wow it’s so like a raspberry jam donut it’s unreal. Going to have to order a 100ml bottle of this stuff because it’s so good. If you like jam donuts and your wondering if it’s going to taste like one just buy it because u won’t be dissapointed! Thanks daddy pig will certainly be back for more. One happy vaper here!

  26. Kyle (verified owner)

    This stuff is DELICIOUS. The best donut flavoured vape out there. I’ve been trying various “premium” juices for a while and nothing tops this, and its price makes it a bargain.

  27. Sukhbir

    I liked lovely taste its good price will try different flavour next time!!

  28. Rafa (verified owner)

    Lovely, best juice i have tried so far, was worried since i got the 120ml bottle and now im just thankful that i did!

  29. Maciej864 (verified owner)

    It’s not bad I’ve finished 2 bottles that I’ve bought but the flavour seems kind of artificial. Mostly I taste strawberry and its a bit to strong and not that great. Maybe a bad batch? I might give it another try.

  30. Philip France (verified owner)

    Just ordered my 6th bottle of it, so it must be good! One caveat though is that the jammy flavour that was almost overwhelming on the first bottle or two, got more and more muted on subsequent bottles (flavour fatigue). This is my main juice now but I can barely taste the jam any more if I’ve been vaping it a lot, so would recommend a flavour break occasionally! Or… just use it as a delicious doughnut base, and add something else to complement it. I’ve added: off brand jams, DPSJ coffee (delicious combo but just a dash goes a long way), and a banana flavour, and they all go really well with the doughnut. So even if you get jam fatigue it remains quite a versatile juice.

  31. Miltos Rizakis (verified owner)

    Now that is exceptional. The warm raspberry jam is accompanied by war sugar coated dough in perfect balance. In the case of the latter, it becomes more prominent on the exhale.
    It actually tastes like a freshly fried donut, where the jam is all warm and gooey. The flavor becomes more prominent if the vape accompanies a coffee or some other slightly bitter beverage.
    Most importantly, it is not a vape juice that is overpoweringly sweet and thus will have to be put down after a bit. The fried dough, warm jam and toasted sugar all blend together to create a delightful vaping experience.
    So, to all of you that hyped up this juice, allow me to say that your hype was justified. AS for the creators, I would like to thank you for such a finely made product.

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