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Product Description

Back when I was wee piggy – before everyone knew that too much sugar was bad for you and we all cleaned up our diets and started eating our veg – my mum used to make us little traybakes and sweets and treats from time to time. All the ingredients were in the high-up cupboard with the Golden Syrup and sprinkles and dessicated bits and bobs she’d use. The treats were alright, but half the time I’d prefer climbing up on the kitchen counter and sneaking some cooking chocolate while she was in another room to the treats themselves.

One of the exceptions to this was her caramel. It was epic. It was ridiculously sweet and gooey, and it didn’t matter what she made with it – on its own, on shortbread, with dessicated coconut on top, didn’t matter. The caramel was just so spot on that it made everything it touched tasty. This juice is a combination of those caramel recipes in one – supersweet caramel, a bit of coconut and a tiny, tiny amount of biscuit.

I don’t like to think of the damage this would do to my tooth enamel as an actual food, but as a vape it is a rare treat. I hope you enjoy it!

Default PG/VG is 50/50

Recommended steep time: Good to go!

What is Steeping..?

Juice for your vape can take a while to get as good as it needs to be. There are only a few ingredients in there, but the separate components may need some time to combine and really shine. Some people compare it to keeping a wine in the cellar.

Daddy Pig Smoke Juice mixes these for you fresh and while we do everything possible to make sure they are ready to go when you receive them, some flavours take a little longer to get to their best. If you can be patient with it, it’ll be at it’s best for you in a few days (I know, I hate waiting too, but it’s worth the wait!)

Additional Information

Childproof cap


PG / VG ratio

30 / 70, 50 / 50, 65 / 35

Steep Time:

Recommended: good to go right away

Bottle size

10ml, 30ml, 100ml

What's In It?

Capella Coconut
FLV Sweet Coconut
TFA Caramel
FA Caramel
INW Biscuit
Capella Supersweet



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