New year, new flavours, new bottles, new delivery options… Here’s what’s new in 2016


New flavours

Vanilla Pudding: 

“Is this not just custard?” Well, it’s pretty similar. It’s rich, creamy, vanilla and super sweet, but it’s more like Angel Delight than runny custard and it’s just that much thicker and richer. Creamy Custard is a favourite over here, but if you want a heavy, super rich version of that, well, this is it.

There’s a lot going on in here – light cookie, the tiniest amount of pie crust, cream cheese… So much going on in the background, but the overall effect is a heavy vanilla pudding with a teeny hint of spice. It’s almost like eating a food, it’s so thick. If you like a nice fresh fruity vape, skip this one and go here instead, but if you want a nice rich vanilla dessert, this is the one!

Dragonfruit & Cream:

If you’ve tried Strawberries & Cream or Dragonberry, this juice is going to be familiar to you. Sweet cream and that unusual, really pleasing tang of dragonfruit, this one is a smooth, sweet and very more-ish juice. I’d be suckerpunching you if I told you this flavour hasn’t been done before, but hands down, this is Daddy Pig’s favourite version of that delicious flavour.

There’s a few creams in here (and more than one flavour of dragonfruit) all working together to make you happy, but specifics aside, it’s just really, really good. If you like Strawberries & Creamthis is going to be right up your street, just a little bit different.


Oh Bye Doze:

“Oh doe, bye doze is bugged agaid wid dis code”. Happens to us all, every single year. Sore throat, sore head, coughing, sneezing, bunged nose (“doze”), the common cold comes to everyone. While it is in no way enjoyable, it is an excuse to indulge in your favourite remedies. Halls Soothers, Lockets, hot whiskeys (my favourite, obviously), long hot showers to clear the sinuses and wrapping up in a warm blanket.

This juice is honey, lemon, menthol, eucalyptus and the tiniest little hint of soothing lavender. It is very, very like the aforementioned honey and lemon lozenges and while the menthol isn’t overpowering, I did notice that I could finally feel something in my sinuses during my last cold, which I was grateful for.


New bottles


30ml unicorn bottles

If you’ve placed an order recently you might have noticed we’re using the longer 30ml bottles now. After using these for a while, there’s no going back to the shorter stumpier bottles. They fit better in your pocket, they’re easier to squeeze, they slip through the letterbox and they just look cool (I think anyway – hopefully you like them too)

 100ml bottles

Want to make sure there’s always juice handy? Don’t fancy placing an order every other week? 100ml bottles go a long way, and pound for pound, it works out a little bit cheaper too. If you’ve already found you’re favourite, it’s an option if you don’t want to run out


New shipping options

 EU-wide shipping

Not in the UK? No problem! Shipping is now available anywhere within the EU for a flat £3.95, regardless of the size of your order

Live in the UK? Shipping is now a flat £1.95 and if you’re order is over £20, as always, it’s free

…and that’s it! For now anyway. No doubt I’ve forgotten something, I know what I’m like… Hope you’re having a lovely 2016 and enjoying whatever you’re up to, and whichever juice you’re vaping.

Talk to you soon and take care of yourselves 🙂