Okay, I screwed up…

…so it turns out that a lot of the responses that have been sent from here to you haven’t been getting to you. There was a fault on the site (details below) that I hadn’t noticed until this evening. It has been resolved now, but if you’ve sent a comment or a query and haven’t received a reply, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t flagged up until this evening and it has just very recently been fixed (you might notice the Contact Us form looks a bit different – it’s been completely replaced).

I promise you I haven’t been ignoring you, please don’t think that – I enjoy the good (a joy to read), the bad (a joy to help resolve) and the weird (just a joy), so if you’ve contacted me and haven’t had a reply yet – please do get in touch again and I’ll get back to you the moment I can, and again, apologies for not having fixed this sooner


Basically there was an issue with the Reply To email address in the old contact form and it took a while to narrow it down to that. Direct emails to support or sales@daddypigsmokejuice.com were fine, but the old contact form was stripping the reply email address and replacing it with www@mail.daddypigsmokejuice.com. The trouble was that direct mail and contact form mail serve the same purpose and look much the same when they arrive here, so when I reply to 6 emails and 2 are returned as undeliverable, I’m scratching my head, moreso because the bounceback undeliverable message shows the error but not the intended recipient, and doubly moreso because the mail client I use here DOES show the correct Reply To name, but the actual email address is NOT shown unless you right click the name and open the contact details.

I’d spent a few hours with the webhost trying to figure out why they were selectively bouncing back some outgoing mail before we picked up on the weird outgoing email address. Wasn’t their fault – I recently updated the theme on the site and the undeliverable messages began around the same time. I’ve been in and out of every setting in the default contact form (which was previously rock solid) to no avail so in the absence of an obvious fault, I’ve just taken it out completely and replaced it with another contact form which has been tested and retested to make sure they’re coming in and going out. 

Sounds simple when you know the answer, but actually discovering what that fault was took some time, so apologies for how long its taken to resolve. I’ve been through as many recent emails as I can find that have the www@ reply to email address and responded to them, but if I have missed some (and I’m sure I have) and you haven’t had a reply back, please do contact me – I want to help.

Also, I’ve tested the new contact form as thoroughly as I can and it seems solid, but if you do notice an issue with it, if you could let me know at support@daddypigsmokejuice.com I’d be grateful – thank you!