It’s a grim time atm


Alan from the Post Office told me earlier that the RM collections from Post Offices have changed from three a day to one a day. This means that the usual cut-off of half four PM for next day delivery has been changed to 12 noon. It used to be that I could get your parcels in before half 4 and we were good, but times are a-changing. That means that even if you choose 1st Class delivery, it may still be a few days until your order arrives. It’s not ideal, I hate it, but Alan is telling me that they’re short staffed in the RM depot and they’re flat out with having so many staff off sick. It’s a bad situation, but once your order is marked as ‘complete’, it’s on its way to you, and if you can be patient with the post, thank you – your patience is appreciated.


We’re still fulfilling every order that comes through here and isolating as much as we can, but some items are going to go out of stock (there’s a few ingredients that come from the US). We have a healthy stock of flavours and will continue to deliver to you as much as we can, but when/if we can’t get the basics, there’s no choice but to apologise and not fulfill those orders


I know this situation is rubbish. I hate it too. Stay safe, and trust that the supply chain will hold up and won’t drive you back to the smokes


Happy Vaping, and stay safe x