For the longest time people have been telling me that “Melon” is spelt incorrectly in “Mellon Coolie”. While I am certain that more than one Smashing Pumpkins fan will have noticed how clever I was, everyone else thinks a) that it’s a stupid name and b) that it’s loaded with menthol (which it is not – it’s a nice juicy, light melon and grape).


If anyone can come up with a better name for this juice, we’ll change it to your new, better name. – I’m open to anything as long as it gives you a good idea of what it is, though bonus points if it’s funny too. Send your suggestion to:


The best entry will win 100ml of whatever the new name for Mellon Coolie is (or if you’re not a melon lover, you can swap it for any other juice on the website – it’d be unfair to penalise you for not being a melon lover). Winner will be emailed just after January (31st is the last day for entries), so keep an eye on your inbox if you’re entering ?