No doubt you’re already aware of the TPD and what it means for vaping as we know it, but – gripes aside – to remain on the right side of the law as it is currently.., Daddy Pig Smoke Juice needs to change.




I would very much love to be able to fund the testing that the TPD insists on, but the costs are far beyond what’s possible for a small independent e-liquid manufacturer, and even if they weren’t, given the amount of products available, the additional paperwork and red tape required to register those products is another full time job in itself. So that said, from here on in, we’re looking at:

Zero nicotine e-liquid

This falls outside of the scope of the TPD, so the same juices that you’ve had before will absolutely be available without nicotine. If that is acceptable to you I am delighted, however I do understand that this isn’t what a lot of people need to stay off the smokes, so I can only apologise for not being able to provide that, really and truly. Which leads me on to…


Nicotine shots

This is something that is still in the pipeline while I work out the legalities and practicalities of it, but it’s looking likely. The upside is that adding a separate, registered, TPD compliant bottle of nicotine to zero nicotine eliquid will allow you to end up with a 3mg or 6mg juice without much fuss (think Salt n Shake crisps). The downside is that it’s one more complication in an already complicated process. I can understand how this would put off a new vaper. When you have so many devices, tanks, juices, coils to get your head around, well, it’s one more thing in the way of you having a good vape. For those a little further on in the vaping journey though (or with the experience and skill to guide the newer vaper) hopefully it’ll be a suitable workaround once it’s in place.


Flavour concentrates

This is something that has been requested quite a bit and something I’m working on as we speak. DIY e-liquid is more popular than ever and for good reason. It’s cheaper, it’s a lot of fun (if you’re a tinkerer like me..!) and the possibilities are endless. It requires a little bit of scaling up on my part, but it’s happening, and once it is, the flavour concentrates of each juice here will be available to buy as a ‘oneshot concentrate’. I’ll add the recommended percentage to the product description pages once they’re ready to go, but having the flavour in concentrate form means it can be as mild or as powerful as you like – it’s up to you!


If there is one silver lining to this whole debacle, it will be that the cost of nicotine won’t factor into the final e-liquid (unless you purchase it separately of course). The price of every juice here has been updated to reflect that, so should you decide to place an order in future, I’ll make sure the savings on this end will be passed on to you. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

I have some work to do here to get the second and third options live, but the moment they are ready to go I will update here on the blog, add a sitewide notice here on the website and also update on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Reddit, so hopefully I’ll be able to let you know in one way or another!


This has been a long read, so if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for your patience! It’s appreciated


Hope you’re well, and happy vaping!