September ’19 Update


I was supposed to write an update the other week, but it got pushed to the back burner with the US flavour ban news. It’s a horrible situation over there and if you’re reading this from the US, my heart goes out to you. It’s rare to see such blatant barefaced lies from people in power and every new video on this topic is a hard watch. There seems to be a lot of pushback from informed business ownersadvocates and academics researching vaping and public health.

If you are reading this from the US and don’t already know (or if you’re outside the US and want to lend your voice), there’s a petition here you might be interested in, or if you want to know a little more about what’s happening over there, you can find a whole world of news and advocacy at Reddit’s Electronic Cigarette forum. Hopefully common sense will prevail.



Moving on…


New flavours


You might have seen some of these already, but here’s a few of the newer eliquids we’re really delighted with. They’ve been through many, many versions and iterations until they’re just right, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I have

Mangonut Milk

It’s no secret that I’m a big mango lover, that odd creamy, juicy, love-child-of-a-tangerine-and-creamy-banana kind of fruit that I’m so partial to. That exotic, mellow, chilled (but not too chilled) fruit flavour, bottled in vape form with just a hint of creamy coconut to take it over the edge into something a mango alone cannot accomplish.


Dark Berry Flapjack

For a long time I used to delude myself into believing flapjacks were healthy, purely for the oat and fruit content but we all know that’s not really true. The sugary, Golden syrup loaded oaty treats are anything but healthy with the swathes of butter and spoonful after spoonful of brown sugar and that is precisely why they are as delicious as they are.

This flapjack inspired eliquid with cranberry, dark jammy berries, biscuity oats and dark brown sugar gives me that same full hearty sweet joy, only without worrying about eating three in a row and needing to walk them off

Frothy Coffee

I used to be happy enough with a cup of instant and a splash of milk and could never get my head around why my sister would always order these frothy concoctions when it’s all just coffee at the end of the day… Isn’t it..?

No, it’s not. There’s coffee and there’s good coffee. This juice is a sweet, full on coffee with a lot of milk and a lot of froth. It’s rich and it’s thick and it is delicious, and it is a lot like the frothy steamers that I used make fun of my sister for ordering. You live and learn.

New juice options/pricing


The options for each eliquid on each individual product page have changed slighty. The 10ml and 100ml zero nic options have been removed and the 2x30ml option has been replaced with a single 60ml bottle with an easy to open tip for nic shots.

The price of 60 and 120ml bottles has come down as well, and the ‘add nic shots?’ option will calculate how many nic shots you need automatically based on the nic % (3mg or 6mg) you require without you having to work it out. It’s a bit easier to deal with and a bit cheaper too.

If you already have your own nic shots, the option is still there to choose your nic % so the bottle is shortfilled to allow you room to add your own, without having to buy extra nic shots from here that you may not need.

Points & Rewards

It’s taken a lot of ironing out but the points system is up and running, finally. It means for every £1 you spend, you acrue a point equal to 1p which can be redeemed against any future purchase, something akin to a clubcard. A penny isn’t a lot, but it adds up and it’s an extra discount/thank you for your custom.

The option was there while rolling it out to add points to anyone with an existing account, and that sounded like a good idea, so if you do have an account with us (prior to last month when it was implemented) you might have seen the option in the shopping cart to redeem points you didn’t know you had for a discount off your order. They’re not based on historical orders, but it seemed like a nice bonus.

Also, there are points available for every product review left on this site. If you’ve enjoyed the juice and feel like writing a short review, you can gain a few more points in exchange for your point of view. Your opinions/reviews are so very welcome, and if you have the time to share your views, we’ll top up your discount points for money off future orders on your account.

Juice Bundles

Want to dip your toe in and see what flavours everyone else is enjoying? Or already know what you like and looking for a bit of variety at a cheaper price? Our juice bundles give you the option of trying a little bit more for a little bit less. The price per bundle is a little bit cheaper than buying each item individually, and each juice bundle is pre-selected with the best sellers in that category, but not limited to those. Every juice can be swapped out to tailor it to your tastes so you can curate your own selection

If you’re familiar with us already and know what you enjoy, the X5 Create Your Own bundle offers the best value and the most choice



We’ve been sending out orders since 2015 and year on year, Royal Mail have consistently upped their prices. We haven’t changed our prices since then and we’ve always tried to meet you halfway with the cost of the post, but eating a large chunk of the cost is not sustainable anymore. I wish it was but it’s not and I’m really sorry about that.

Free shipping via Royal Mail Second Class 48 is still available for any order that totals £25 or more after discounts are applied, but for those orders that don’t qualify (or if you’d prefer a different shipping method), the new rates are detailed below:


UK Second Class 48 £2.99
UK First Class 24 £3.49
UK First Class 24 Recorded £4.49
UK Free Shipping 48 (over £25) FREE

Discount code!


Finally, just for the end of the month there’s a 20% discount code off any and everything on the site, valid until midnight Monday 30th September. If you’ve made it this far then you’ve earned it (thank you!). Discount code is:




Free shipping works with this code provided the basket total is over £25 (in the UK) after the code is applied

…and that is that! Thank you for reading. I hope you’re well and as ever, happy vaping!